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I am Nancy Whitman. Welcome to Balanced Health Yoga Therapy. It all starts with you. You matter.

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It all starts with you. You matter.

If you want to:

  • feel better in your body and mind
  • manage stress
  • relieve pain
  • improve sleep
  • improve your posture

you’ve come to the right place!

You are a unique, one-of-a-kind person. Identifying everything that is right with you first will help create balance in your mind, body, and spirit as you consider your whole self and areas that you want to improve.

Do not judge where you are today, notice how you feel and what you think.

We start from where you are, define where you want to be, and begin a program for self-empowerment moving you in the direction you want to go.

Yoga therapy promotes health, function, and prevention according to your needs, goals, and life experiences. It uses yoga and mindfulness practices to help relieve pain, manages stress, improves sleep, and improve posture.

Choose the service that best suits you.

Your Posture Matters

Standing tall -

Improves confidence in body, mind, and spirit

Increases breathing capacity

Improves joint mobility and alignment

Enhances appearance in photographs and overall

Improves focus and concentration

Increases flexibility

Reduces risk of falling

Improves digestion and circulation

Reduces stress

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By developing more function in your feet, you can begin to improve your posture, balance, and flexibility. Download this Foot and Tennis Ball Exercise now and start to notice your progress.
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My Happy Clients

Nancy's "Standing Tall" class has not only improved my posture, but given me body awareness that carries over to all my exercise programs. The class is a full body stretch and strengthen program which also helps with balance issues. As a 70-year-old with Parkinson's, this is invaluable for my everyday life. Nancy always keeps the class fresh by mixing different exercises every week. I've taken the class for 4 years and plan to continue in the future to retain the benefits I have received.

Ken B.

I have taken classes from Nancy for years and she has given me valuable skills that I can take with me anywhere. Nancy is a wonderful listener and has a very bright uplifting personality!

Diane M.

Nancy creates a warm and welcoming environment in which to practice yoga. In Yoga for the Inflexible, the instruction is a structured flow that encourages all ability levels and supports the development of strength and balance. Nancy is a talented instructor.

Mary from Naperville

I take one of Nancy’s yoga classes and both enjoy the sessions and continue to benefit physically. Nancy brings not only a deep knowledge of yoga and what works (and doesn’t work) for us older participants, but also an easy, upbeat spirit and obvious commitment to improving our wellness. The sense of community in her classes says a lot about the value we all seem to experience and why many of us have been with Nancy for several years now.

Bob from Aurora

Thank you for your postings about Meditation Moments. When my day gets consumed with busyness, your posts remind me to pause and take a moment for myself.  It’s like hitting the refresh button for my day! Thank you.

Joan from Lisle