You – from the perspective of a yoga pose

On any journey, we must find out where we are before we can plan the first step.

– Kathy Boevink

From the perspective of a yoga pose, you can take what you learn on the mat off the mat into your daily living.

What is your current state? Do you recognize or acknowledge what state your body and mind are currently in? What is your level of self-awareness? Based on that insight – what is right for you?

Think of one of your favorite yoga poses (or stretches if you don’t practice yoga).

Yoga is different for everyone because we all have differences in our mind/body and level of experience. This isn’t just physical experience, but body awareness and listening in to what your body and mind are telling you. Our differences and similarities are true in “real life” too.

As you move into that pose, what is your mind doing? Is it judging, rambling, criticizing, comparing? How much energy do you spend thinking those thoughts? Use your mind to experience your pose by noticing how much effort is in your pose and where you feel ease in your body. Notice the edge between effort and balance. Tune into what is lengthening and what is strengthening. Be curious about what’s going on.

What should you be able to do? Is your mind telling you that you should be able to do a pose that is difficult or looks like a pretzel? Or should you look like the model on the front of the yoga magazine? Should you be able to hold a pose longer or do it just like the person next to you in class? Let go of your “shoulds” and choose to figure out what’s right for you. You are enough the way you are. Work with your body using non-judgmental observation, experimenting with how you feel.

Try accessing your five senses – what does your body feel like? What does the air around you smell like? What can you see either externally or internally? What sounds do you hear? Does the experience bring up a taste? Use the senses to bring your mind into the present moment.

Observe your breath. Is it steady or uneven? Is your breath shallow or short? Make adjustments to feel better in your breath by trying to make a slow, steady inhale and a slow, steady exhale. Breath on purpose, making a rhythm.

Does something feel freeing or is it constricting? Can you find delight, happiness, joy in your pose? Make a shift in order to feel better. You don’t have to fight or muscle your way through your practice on the mat or off the mat. What patterns of behavior can you use both in your yoga practice and daily living?

You are enough. You are amazing!

~ Nancy

Connection through Community

As women gather, we form our own kind of energy to offer camaraderie and support, lifting each other up, and providing opportunities for growth. We have the ability to connect by sharing stories, celebrations, and struggles. Combining our strengths and collaborating with one another allows us to be inspired, choose our own way, and find our voices. Find fresh ways to meet with like-minded women through friendship, tribe, and community.

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