What is right with your life?

Think of five things in your life right now to be grateful for.






Was it easy or hard to think of things to be grateful for?

Try thinking of five things to be grateful for every day for a week.

Is it easy or hard to cultivate a consistent gratitude practice – feeling grateful every day?

You are not getting let off the hook. The challenge is to name five things, not three things, to be grateful for each day. Yes, you can write them down. Yes, you can tell someone else what you are grateful for. Yes, you can suggest that someone else practices gratitude. Yes, you can repeat something/someone you listed before.

How hard is it to remember to be grateful when some of the most common words we hear are difficult, challenging, unprecedented, uncertain, unemployment, and uncomfortable times?

Expressing gratitude evokes positive emotions, but also leaves less room for negative feelings. We want to crowd the negativity out with gratitude.

I have heard many people express that gratitude was the way to push through these times. On top of that, studies show that, among other things, gratitude also helps with the following:

Releases toxins from the brain

Improves sleep

Strengthens relationships

Boosts positive emotions and thoughts

Improves overall physical health and well-being

Increases self-esteem

Improves self-care

What positive feelings does gratitude leave you with?

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