Tips for being present

Being present allows you to take a break from your thoughts of worrying about the past and speculating about the future. Separating yourself from thoughts of past worry or future anxiety allows you to really pay attention to the moment. Realize that at this moment, you have nowhere to go, nothing to do, except be where you are right now. Simply be. You are focused here and now. Your mind is not wandering off while your body is performing a task.

You can use your five senses to bring you to the present moment. What sounds do you hear? Can you feel the space around you or the earth under your feet? What smells can you identify? Look at something nearby and realize that it is here at this moment. What can you taste? You don’t need to change anything – just notice.

You are using your mind to be present rather than allowing it to wander into thoughts. Bring your awareness to your surroundings.

You can bring your awareness to your breath. First focus on the characteristics of your breath. Is it shallow or deep, fast or slow, erratic or smooth? Then you can focus on the sensations your breath causes in your body. Can you feel your belly, ribs, and chest expand when you breath in and fall when you breath out? What other sensations does your breath cause in your body/mind? Bring your awareness to your breath and sensations in your body.

Reflecting on your appreciation of things in life, helps you pay more attention to them. For example, if sunshine lifts your spirits, be very grateful for sunshine. Finding things you take for granted, but that you are very grateful for will help you focus in the now. For example, your home, your means of transportation, your relationships, zoom. Bring your awareness to things you are grateful for.

Being present is easier said than done. As with most things, this is not a once and done. Re-aligning yourself to the present moment is something you need to do each time you recognize that your mind and your body are in two different places. Being present will take time to become a regular habit. Be patient, be persistent, make progress.

Why do you care about being present?

Studies have shown that being present:

  • Reduces anxiety and worry
  • Reduces stress and related illnesses
  • Increases your focus
  • Improves memory
  • Increases feelings of purpose and connection

What does your “being present” practice look like?

You are amazing! You have gifts to share with the world.

~ Nancy

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Nancy Whitman Klotz is a yoga therapist training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. She is a yoga teacher and an author. She specializes in helping you improve your well-being. Nancy is registered with the Yoga Alliance as ERYT-500 and is certified through ACE as a personal trainer, health coach, and fitness instructor. Her Master’s is in Education, MaEd.

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