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Currently, I communicate with people mostly by text, email, zooming, and taking walks in the forest preserve. My friends have described this time using phrases like, nerve-racking, wanting it to be over with, asking how we will get through it, not knowing the next right thing to do, and feeling an overall level of anxiety. If you think about stress, much of it is caused by uncertainty, lack of information, being challenged in ways we don’t understand, and isolation. For the most part, we are social beings. I think forming connection and community can help us get through this time with more ease.


You are not alone. You belong to a community of people who have shared common experiences. We’ve all been touched in a diverse variety of ways. We’ve been asked to adapt to a significant number of lifestyle changes. Connection, sharing, and community have been missing for many of us this past year. Much of these elements of relationship have necessarily been taken online. Do you feel that you can find a virtual community that will meet your needs? How can you promote the sense of connection and community? Connection and community can start with being of service to each other.

Being part of a community means giving as well as receiving. One good way to be of service to another is to listen, really listen, to the story they are trying to tell. Give your full attention to what another person is saying. Get out of your own head, show interest, and be non-judgmental. Realize that the conversation is about the speaker, not about you. You can take the time to ask questions to make sure you understand what is being said. Listening helps build conversations that feel positive and safe. You can validate and acknowledge that person’s feelings. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, just understand what they are saying.

How do you want to feel when someone says they are listening to you?

Another way to be part of a community is to reach out to others. This provides a connection for you and helps meet someone else’s need for connection too. Reaching out to someone else is good for your own self-care as well. You may not feel comfortable being the one to take initiative. The other person is responsible for the way they react to your invitation for connection. What form of communication feels best to you right now, in this time? Text, email, message, FB comment, call on the phone, send a card or letter, ask for a Zoom or FaceTime connection. You may need an open mind to reach out in ways you haven’t done before. Reaching out may be helping someone and is bound to feel good to you too.

Be the calm in the storm. By displaying a sense of peace, you help others feel calmer. Be the pause before the reaction. By practicing your self-care, breath work, meditation, and mindfulness you can hold a stable and steady space for others to look forward to. Even in this anxious and uncertain life, be the tranquility someone needs to sense in order to find ease for themselves. Take a smooth, slow breath, and realize the things we don’t have control of and the things we can impact to make life feel less stressful.

You are not alone – finding connection and community can improve the lives of all involved in the effort.

Examples of online communities – choirs, church groups, businesses, happy hour, reunion of college friends, double dates, family time together, trainings, groups of friends that can’t meet in person, AA meetings, book clubs. What other communities do you know of that are meeting online?

Heal yourself – get back to your community!

~ Nancy

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You are connecting and re-connecting with each other after the last long year. Take the time to notice how having a community of women feels! Notice how you feel personally to be contributing to a “circle” of women you joined. Does it feel good to your mental, emotional, and physical health to be part of something bigger than you? You’re doing great! Keep reaching out to others to share stories, celebrations, and struggles. Listen closely and be inspired by like-minded women who have been through their version of the Covid isolation just as you have.

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