Have you had enough?

“I am so over this.”

But “this” is not over with us.

It’s hard to keep going sometimes when you don’t know when or where the finish line is. Some days are good; some days are bad. Sometimes it’s hard not to be over-reactive, anxious, panicky. Little things become big things. Just when we need to connect and practice yoga and exercise, group classes get taken away. When we need something the most and think we have it, it changes. What do we do instead to get our needs met?

Before the pandemic, sometimes we knew that certain changes were in our best interest and our intentions to change were also the best, but our willingness to change got stuck, and we didn’t follow through. What happens when you don’t have control over the changes in your life? Then your willingness has to become getting through the tough times. Whether you are willing or not, change is happening all around you. We all have different emotional reactions to change.

What is the impact of uncertainty on our well-being? How does uncertainty affect our emotions, physical body, and staying power? If we are grieving the loss of life as we knew it, how can we embrace the new life when we don’t know what it holds in store for us?

Some of the habits you had before the “stay in place” may not work in this new way of life. Be prepared to make some new habits that suit you better.

Some tips to keep your “getting through this” energy up:

  • Be open-minded enough to be willing to try something you may not have been willing to try before your Covid circumstances. For example, sign up for a LIVE virtual group class or commit to a 1 on 1 yoga therapy assessment.
  • You can’t count on external factors to bring you happiness or peace. You need to work from the inside out. What is it that you want and need? How do you want to be?
  • If you’ve been resisting connection through digital or technical means, stop fighting it. Try providing support and comfort to others by listening and sharing via zoom, text, email, phone, or even the mail.
  • Be informed, but limit the amount of media you expose yourself to. You can know what’s happening but do not need to hear it over and over again.
  • Keep yourself as safe as possible from the virus. Even though these behaviors are ones that you wish weren’t necessary – keep your distance from others, stay at home when you can, wash your hands often, wear your mask in public.
  • Be kind to yourself. Understand that your emotions may be like a roller coaster. This is a hard time. Practice your self-care and help care for those who need you.
  • Things that are familiar or predictable help us relax our nervous vigilance. If you have a daily routine, add to it. If you don’t have a daily routine, create one.
  • This time of year (November) is when many of us want to eat heavier comfort foods and hunker down in comfy clothes. Stress also increases our cravings for comfort foods. Keep healthy alternatives at home for choices. Try using fresh, whole foods, or frozen if necessary.
  • Exercise gives our bodies and minds something else to focus on. Exercise creates some stress in your body in order to relieve stress in your body and mind. Begin to think of ways to exercise indoors even though it may not be your preference.
  • Breath work and breathing practices help manage stress. Find one that works for you! Practice exhaling longer than you inhale to bring calmness. As a norm, your breath may have a longer inhale. Practice changing that around to a longer exhale for even a few breaths.
  • Grief over the loss of your “normal” life is very real. We grieve because we cared about something and it’s gone. That may be any number of things, such as, loss of life, friends, socialization, school, (time at home without e-learning), sports, ceremonies, celebrations, what might have been. Grief is real, it’s personal, and is not rated – it is what it feels like to you to be isolated, disappointed, feeling alone, going without, bereft.
  • If you journal or are a list maker, try making a list of the things you do have control over and the things you can’t control. This might provide some acceptance and perspective to what your daily life looks like.
  • Find humor somewhere, sometime: the more often, the better. Try laughing.
  • Work on your sleep schedule. This is a tough one. Try going to sleep and waking up at similar times each day. Limit your exposure to blue light in your bedroom. Keep your room dark to stimulate melatonin (sleep hormone) production. Focus on what feels comfortable.
  • This may be tough a one, too, depending on your living circumstances. Try to avoid people who are negative, bring you down, or drain your energy. Just know that life feels better when you are around more positive, like-minded people.
  • Remember that GRATITUDE is a life changer in a good way!

What tips can you share for getting through these times when “enough feels like enough?”

Share your gifts and experiences. You make a difference!

~ Nancy

In the end, everything will be okay!

Connection through Community

As women gather, we form our own kind of energy to offer camaraderie and support, lifting each other up, and providing opportunities for growth. We have the ability to connect by sharing stories, celebrations, and struggles. Combining our strengths and collaborating with one another allows us to be inspired, choose our own way, and find our voices. Find fresh ways to meet with like-minded women through friendship, tribe, and community.

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