Ground yourself!

Were you ever “grounded” as a kid? Do you remember what you were grounded for? It seemed like “being grounded” was a form of punishment for something we did. “Being grounded” was for our own good. You may have had to stay home or had privileges taken away from you. This past year with Covid feels like we were grounded – not for punishment, but for our own good. Some people may debate the “for our own good,” but it kept us safer than if we had the freedom to do anything, go anywhere, and be with anyone we wanted. Part of the time many of us were restricted to home and we were limited for travel and entertainment. Restrictions are still in place. We’ve had to adapt to changes in lifestyle in ways we never imagined. It’s hard to get our thoughts around everything that has been impacted. Get back to yourself – get grounded.

Have you ever felt anxious, out of control, spacey, or unable to stay focused? Do you feel like you aren’t functioning as well as you could? Grounding yourself will help bring you to the present moment and helps create stability, steadiness, and calmness in your mind/body. When you ground yourself, you create a connection with the earth, become more in touch with your body, and give yourself the opportunity to get out of your head and just be. Grounding also allows you to connect with yourself with enough focus to share your ideas and gifts with the world.

Ways to get grounded – root to the earth, stay centered. You can move dynamically and find stillness too. Try taking five or more slow, smooth breaths with each pose.

A mudra is a symbolic hand gesture – usually intended for your self instead of someone else. Bhu mudra is a grounding mudra connecting you to the earth. When practiced, your body and arms make the shape of a mountain – steady and strong. Bend your ring and little fingers over your palm, hold them there with your thumb. Put your index and middle finger together and straight. From an easy pose, place the tips of your index and middle fingers out to the sides of your hips with straight arms. Feel your sit bones and fingers touch with the earth. / \.

In Tadasana – mountain pose – stand tall, heart open – align your ears over shoulders over hips over knees over ankles. Move your shoulders back and down. Tuck your chin. Point your knees straight ahead, weight distributed equally between both feet. Place your arms alongside your body, palms forward. Press down through your feet and try to find the four corners of your feet. Straighten your fingers and spread them pressing them down towards the earth.Find symmetry (as much as possible).

In downward facing dog – straighten your fingers and spread them – the index finger pointing forward. Press the hands down into the earth, pushing your torso and hips back away from your wrists and shoulders, chest moves towards your thighs, long spine. Press down through your heels (they don’t have to touch!).

Bridge pose is a symmetrical pose using both sides of your body the same, if you can. Lay face up, bend your knees, bring your heels close to your glutes. Your knees stay in line with your hip bones. Press through your feet and shoulders, lift your hips keeping them level with each other. Open your chest and try to flatten your shoulders blades across the earth.

Tree pose is symbolic of rooting down through your feet into the earth while reaching high to the sky. Shift your weight into one leg, ankle, foot to create stability. Make sure that same side hip is pulled to your midline. Lift your other knee and turn it out to the side. Find a place on your standing leg to position the foot of your bent knee leg on the inside of the stabilizing leg. It can be tapped on the floor, on your calf, on your thigh, not on your knee. Hands over heart center or raised to the sky (looking for the sun!). Switch to other side.

Legs up the wall

Sit with your side next to a wall. Swing your legs up the wall adjusting the distance of your hips from the wall. Your torso and head will be lying face up, your legs up the wall. You should be in a comfortable position with your legs straight. Modifications: adjust the distance of your hips from the wall – place a folded blanket or pillow under your hips – place your calves on the seat of a chair – place a pillow or blanket under your head. Shift to be comfortable.

Other grounding poses –

  • Child’s Pose
  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Locust
  • Standing poses – the Warriors, Triangle /\
  • Wide Standing Forward Fold
  • Malasana – squat
  • Reclined Bound Angle

Practice these grounding poses at home.

Ground yourself – get back to yourself!

~ Nancy

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Nancy Whitman Klotz is a yoga therapist training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. She is a yoga teacher and an author. She specializes in helping you improve your well-being. Nancy is registered with the Yoga Alliance as ERYT-500 and is certified through ACE as a personal trainer, health coach, and fitness instructor. Her Master’s is in Education, MaEd.

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